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John Overcash
When ever we receive exceptionall good service from a driver (not just Thurston) we make a point of contacting Karen and letting her know.  Its all too easy to do this when service is crappy so we really make an extra effort to do so when it is exceptional.

Back in august the driver that delivered the first order to the High School went above and beyond and moved things around in the freezer for the manager so he could fit the order in.  At the time we made a point of letting Karen know.

Today that driver delivered out order.  It was the first time he had been sent this way since August!  He expressed to me how much he appreciated our letting Thurston know that we appreciated his service on that day.  Not only was it appreciated that he took the time to let us know but it is also good to know that he was told that we had called and complimented his service on that day.

My purpose in writting this is to let everyone know that when we call or write about a driver that provides exceptional service it does get back to them (I always wondered) but more importantly it is put in their record.  These Kudos count towards nominations for driver of the year, earning days off with pay, and other incentives to do an exceptional job.  This I did not know.  So if your driver does something above and beyond let Thurston know it is important to the drivers.  By all means if they screw up and you are inclined let Thurston know about that as well.

FYI he also told me  that many of their drivers have been laid off due to the reduced business, guess this is the first time in an extremly long time that they have had to do this!

Stay Safe